Layla, the un-akita-like American Akita.

Layla, the un-akita-like American Akita.

Layla was rescued from a garbage bin outside of Reno.

I lie. She was not. Layla was born into a family of dog show winners. Purebred and stupid spoiled, she has the most animated and human-like facial expressions I have ever seen on an animal. With giant hazel-brown eyes that can convey confusion, understanding, and ‘are you messing with me’ expressions, she effectively lets us know how she is feeling at all times. More often than not, her status is ‘bored’.

After a tumultuous year of leave-it, good girl, NO, shake, down, high-five, roll over, sit, and drop-it, we finally have a dog smart enough to ignore us when we render commands without treats.

My akita, part of the aggressive breed list, is afraid of jumpy children, disembodied noises, garbage trucks, and trash bags. In addition, she loves everyone above eye level. In regards to her breed, she is considered a ‘broken’ akita.

My puppy, now two years old, grew into the dog version of me.

  1. We prefer kids not touch us directly, unless in a calm and collected manner.
  2. We ignore strangers unless they make the first move, then we are friendly.
  3. We are affectionate when we want, and aloof other times.
  4. Our entire day revolves around food, lying down, and when we can go outside.
  5. We invite Chris to pet our hair/massage by sitting in front of him, and looking back until he does something.
  6. We have a deep urge to step on yappy dogs.

This makes for a very happy Mommy.