avoca-don't you forget about me.

I spent this past weekend with one of the OG besties. So OG in fact that she knew my husband before we even dated. Speaking of my husband, he went backpacking in Yosemite Half Dome with his brosef and brosef’s buds - a real sausage fest.

Day One

This was Tessa’s fourth visit here. Of course, all four times were with me. I am working on a long con to get her to move over here - for the sake of the bay and her curls. After three visits, you’re pretty much all touristed out. So we did the local stuff. Like, found an Avocado Con happening in a tiny food truck area. This was the second annual Avocado Con. The first was an experiment, the second solidified it as a thing. Funnily enough, our first meal at Avocado Con had no avocado. We tried a ramen burger, and it sounds exactly as you’re picturing. The buns were soft ramen. Yes, that happened. With miso flavorings + other goodness, it was a guaranteed good time.

Obviously, we can’t leave without an avocado item - so I brushed off my Texas roots and found fried avocado. Not sure why fried things are such a big deal because it was just fried tempura surrounding a regular avocado.

Next, we drove by the Italian Heritage Festival because like a local, we couldn’t find parking. I know there are plenty of jokes about certain heritage/races showing up to support one another, but in the bay, Y’ALL THE ITALIANS SHOW THE FUCK UP. Every time there is an event down there, it is packed.

We diverted and looked for my most favorite ice cream in the city, Salt & Straw. With how foggy and therefore cold it is in the city, you’d think that we would be more obsessed with coffee over ice cream. I mean, we love our coffee - but ice cream is a thing here. As a local, you are to find your fave and die hard support it. Post ice cream, we did a pit stop at the number one clothing company of my life. My new life goal is to get sponsored by them. I give you, the perfect brand - Vuori. I used to be a fan of Lululemon, but then their shit turned into overpriced trash. Then I tried other cheaper brands and NO. I also tried Athlete, and I’m average on it. But Vuori. Lord, have mercy. Perf. I got Tessa to join the cult with these joggers.

Then, we went to the Museum of 3D Illusions. It was my second time and I must say, I love the hell out of it. It is even better when experienced with someone that will do anything you say LMAO.

You’d think we’d be tired by now, but we walked over to Ghirardelli Square for a little bit of shopping. As usual, we come across a lot of trash when shopping at touristy areas. But sometimes, we find hidden gems. Like, Elizabeth W Redwoods collection. I found this on a random accident in Carmel. The lotion is a whopping $28 so I wavered. I found out it’s made here in SF, so I passed so I can think about how bougie it is to spend that much on a small bottle of lotion. I thought I misremembered the scent, but I came across the same Redwoods lotion and was just floored by how sensual and unisex it is. Wow, I did not mean to write a review for this lotion in the midst of my ode to Tessa - but I’m obsessed. Bonus points that it actually sinks into my skin so I feel it is well worth the money.

Just as I planned, we ended this shopping trip with some alcohol. This was my driest weekend yet because I am the designated driver and two drinks get me sloshed. We each had a cocktail and a dim sum platter as an appetizer. Then, because we like to hop evidently, we left for real dinner - thai. You are not truly experiencing the bay if you do not overindulge in asian cuisine.


Day Two

We went to wine country lite - Sonoma. You all know Napa with it’s majestic views, bold af wines, and the most expensive tasting “experience” ever. I can’t do Napa without Chris because 1) Chris gets industry discounts and sometimes free tastings and, more importantly, 2) I can’t not drink cabs and will be drunk by the end of the first appointment.

I belong to one wine club, and somehow they are based in Sonoma. They have an adorable garden that members are allowed to sit and split a bottle. We sat and split a bottle of chardonnay. Guys, I drink whites now. The appointment was supposed to be for an easy hour and half, but there was no one at the garden. So, we were there for almost 3 - as lushes do.

I made the mistake of having Chris book a tasting after this bottle split. It is usually fine except I stupidly had steamed mussels for brunch - wtf. This second tasting took it outta me. Cue, tapas and ice cream before we drove back.

After what felt like the longest traffic jam in life, we ended the night with korean fried chicken for dinner because #bayarealiving.

Half Day Three

This was a sad day. I started the day excited because Apple had their conference this day - and I have been selfishly trying to figure out if our war with China will result in me not getting my Apple Watch this year. Then I remembered that Tessa’s flight was at 120pm *tear*. We had a somber brunch - so somber that we didn’t take photos. We played in Paper Source - as basic bitches do - and stopped by the adult version of Claire’s Accessories.

I had to hug her goodbye and keep my shit together because I had a hair appointment soon after.

So many mixed feelings after this visit. I felt like I was “back home” living the good old days where Chris would be out for a work event and we would hang out all weekend. Then I would see the bay and realize that this is not the “old days”. This is my current life. The bay has felt so much like home that I thought I hallucinated my whole Dallas life. But Tessa’s face reminded me that Dallas was real. Then I get moved to tears because I longed for that level of friendship again.

It becomes this mixed bag of “I love it here, I will never leave” combined with “I miss my old life”. It made me think of the harsh truth that is life. You can’t take everyone with you. You make decisions based on what you want to do with your life and who you want in your life. While I miss my old life time and time again, I know that friendship is only one facet. There are others that keep me here.

It still doesn’t erase the pain of being away from my best friends.

Sincerely, Tania