sustainable efforts /// dropps.

I try to live low waste. The trendy hashtag is #zerowaste but that takes too much of my brain power to fully embrace right now. But, you know, I still try to save the planet. You should too – all of you that have children or want children in the future. It’s y’all’s babies that are going to outlive you. So, you’re welcome procreators.

I perused through my trash and found that a big item in my technically-recyclable-but-not-actually-recyclable item is laundry detergent. That and totes-unrecyclable dryer sheets. I don’t know what the normal about of laundry detergent other people go through a month is, but I’m the Laundry Machine Queen. I  wash our bedsheets weekly, towels every three days, comforter every other week, Layla blanket every other week, all the reusable rags used as a way to cut Clorox wipes, and then all workout clothes Chris and I go through – on top of regular life clothes.

It’s a lot.


Thankfully, Apple + the gov’ment listened in on me griping to myself and gave me an ad for Dropps. It sounded too good to be true but I like to try samples before I troll shitty companies.

Y’all, it’s amaze.

Firstly, it comes in a cardboard box that is fully compostable (hallelujah) and recyclable. The laundry detergent comes in individual, biodegradable, water soluble pods. The pods dissolve into micro-organisms that commonly exist in nature and take roughly a month to fully break down in the ocean/river. The only trash that you have to deal with is the piece of tape that closes the box. #winning

Some people complain it doesn’t work, but I’m thinking that they have old af machines because my husband is smelly af and it works beautifully. When I know something needs extra attention, I put a laundry pod + oxi boost pod together. This is magic. They also prefer washing on cold water as opposed to searing hot – so that also saves energy wasted.

On top of that, they also have dishwashing detergent and regular cleaning solutions for countertops, tile, etc. Dishwashing detergent is perfect. I don’t pre-clean anything and pop that sucker in – BAM. I’m so-so on the cleaning solution. Technically it cleans in that it removes gunk from countertops, but then again, water will also remove gunk from surfaces. I need to test its disinfectant ability. Therefore, the cleaning solution is TBD.

Regarding the dryer sheets, Dropps also has wool balls that you can toss in there. But I don’t know why balls are needed. I pop my comforter in alone to mostly dry and then air dry the rest of the way on top of the bed. You shouldn’t use dryer anything on towels or it’ll reduce its absorbency powers. You also shouldn’t put workout stuff in the dryer because it kills its moisture wicking capabilities. Finally, cotton shrinks in the dryer so that is mostly air dry. So the only thing you need to dry are poly blends - *gag*. If you have polyester clothing then you don’t care about sustainability or your skin so this post is not for you. 

Again, you’re welcome, procreators.

Sincerely, Tania