meet my plant: maranta lemon-lime prayer

If you follow me via Instagram, I am sorry that you have to witness the pathetic-ness that is my life. It is currently consumed with plants.

I’ve never been much into decorating. Growing up, my most hated chore was dusting. I find that terribly stupid since dust will just settle again the minute you finish. We had a mantle where my parents would place trinkets from travels, and it is the bane of my existence having to dust that bitch. From then on, I have silently followed the cult that is minimalism. It’s difficult, in the most first world way, to decorate minimally. Plus, I never had a home that I knew I would be in more than a year to really start decorating.

But THIS home – as previously stated, I plan to die in this home.

I started looking more into decorating. I still like a clean look, and hate having meaningless trinkets/souvenirs around the house.  Enter: plants. I initially fell in love with the snake plant – low maintenance and grows vertically. But somehow I fell harder for the maranta lemon-lime prayer plant.

Prayer Plant.JPG

Look at it, it’s such a hot mess. Just splayed all over the edges. Like my hair when air dried, unruly and no structure.

I got this on a whim via Etsy last Thanksgiving. I could not get past how beautiful it is. Since I was a beginner and bought many plants in bulk to fill my home, I didn’t have time to fully pay attention to him. To make matters worse, our winter brought the longest stretch of rain the bay has ever seen. So I didn’t have sunshine to help. Poor thing was dying. In a panic, I started trimming dead leaves and repotted the whole thing. I found the warmest room in the house and made sure it didn’t get hit with direct sunlight – as the leaves get burned that way. The past five months was a battle in just keeping it from not dying. I would even try to feed it – which ended up in burned leaves because the ratio was all wrong. Then one day, I decided to spray it with water. The roots started lifting. So I did it again the next day. And the next. And the next.

Now it’s sprouting babies!

When I first saw these tiny nubs, I actually thought they were little caterpillars. I thought I developed a bug problem. But they are leaf babies!

Guys, he’s happy here!

Proud Mama, Tania