in a constant state of blue balls.

The Spanish House by the Bay is in a state of disarray.

The bay area was hit with, what they describe as, torrential downpour – and what normal states call “rainy season”. Before I moved, I always hear complaints about California drought. Evidently, I brought the rain with me from Dallas because it rained my first winter here. And it poured my second winter. So idk wtf California was talking about.

Anyway, we are not used to rain. No one. If it starts raining the city while you’re in a car, god bless your soul because you will now die in that car as no one can handle water. Our homes also don’t know what the fuck to do with water.

And here we are.

We have some drainage issues in our little plot of land. Because everyone has water mismanagement issues, it has been the season for contractor gouging. If you are willing to pay the inflated fees, you will also have to wait weeks, if not months, to get them to do work. So we waited it out. It’s finally stopped raining – so much so that there’s another round of fires up north.

Project 1: the yard.

This is a well kept agapanthus plant. Ours did not look this way.

This is a well kept agapanthus plant. Ours did not look this way.

We pulled everything out of the front yard. Everything. Even the insects apparently. There were diseased rose bushes, a damn tree stump, extremely invasive dead roots, and an orgy of agapanthus bush/flowers. It was a hot mess. On top of that, we had a crazy gopher that used our yard as his home.

All that is gone now, because the yard is bare naked.

This was done like months ago, but then we had to wait until the dirt dried up in order to add compost and till the soil. Did you guys know about adding compost and tilling soil? SMH, I didn’t.

Our soil is apparently too basic (lmao) for plants, so we had to bring down the pH level a few notches. So we sacked up and bought something like $300 worth of compost and mixed it all up in our current dirt. This was pounds and pounds of compost. I thought our beds would look silly and overflowing, but the dirt ate it all up. If it weren’t for the smell of the compost, I wouldn’t have known we added anything.

Now, we have to wait until the end of the month for it to settle in before we can plant.  

This is fine. We have a clear timeline for this. We reserve our trees next weekend, and come back for them the weekend after.

This project has a clear projected end time.

Project 2: refinancing.

We locked the house at a crazy rate. The market was psychotic here when we bought. You think we’re silly to buy at a seller’s market. You forget to factor our price range and the amount of broke people in the bay looking for homes in the same range. AND add the lack of available land to build new homes. Every day is a seller’s market. Anyway, we didn’t have time to shop rates. We needed a 3 week close or we wouldn’t have been competitive. So we took what we got, and it’s fucking atrocious. Insult to injury when you realize I work for a bank. SMH.

In order to refinance (and hopefully get cash out to fund the kitchen remodel), we have to:

  1. Plant the yard – cannot complete 100% until we paint the house

  2. Fix the drainage issue – cannot be done until we remove the spa and greenhouse from the back

  3. Patch up some stucco areas – cannot be done until the drainage issue is fixed

  4. Paint the house – cannot be done until we patch up the stucco

 Project 2 now has 4 sub-categories that rely on each other to move forward.

Also, if it starts raining again, everything stops.

Excuse me while I cry.

Sincerely, Tania