bathroom /// version 2.0

Whoa, this is a reveal that took way longer than necessary, no?

Remember when I posted about our very exciting bathroom demo and then never followed up?

I got sidetracked trying to tackle the living and dining room walls – and searching for the perfect shower curtain (the struggle is real). Then got sidetracked looking for a new laundry basket. Then got sidetracked looking for the right art to hang. Then got sidetracked looking for a towel bar and hand towel ring. Then I never found the right towel bar and ring, so I just gave up entirely for a solid three months.

Here it is – FINALLY.

This my most beautiful vanity. We found it at the Restoration Hardware outlet with matching sinks – but without the granite or hardware. After 9 months with a beautiful Carrera marble countertop, we decided we cannot own anything more high maintenance than my hair on a humid day. If you have not tried the beauty that is Carrera, you need to learn that it takes on EVERYTHING you leave on it. If you put on makeup around it and drop a few speckles of powder or liquid, it will stay there FOR LIFE. To that, I say GTFO Carrera.

I got the mirrors at Wayfair. It was important to me – in the most first world problem ever – that I have two separate mirrors with rounded edges. Then of course, my industrial aesthetic love affair continues with the overhead lights.


You didn’t think I would post a photo of my toilet, did you? But I did. Because it is new and beautiful. This is my most prized possession because the old one was from like 1900s with a wood seat and you can never get clean. I would rather pee outside than on that. 

Look at the art though! I wanted something neutral that is mostly warm gray to tie in our cool gray floors and warm greige vanity – yeah, I have great taste – and found this random piece while shopping for planters. I do want to talk about the elephant in the room – that is, I didn’t mean to make a statement placing Dallas above the literal shitter. I wanted to have a Dallas tribute somewhere in the house. It just so happens this matched the bathroom.

We originally had a very cramped elderly friendly shower tub thing. We started the demo with full plans to keep a shower, but my fantastic MIL said that if we were ever to have kids – don’t even ask me as I have the magical IUD powers for the foreseeable future – they will need a tub. We were going to do a tub and shower in our future master bath, but she reminded me that I would definitely not want my sticky screeching kid using my beautiful freestanding bathtub. She was right.

So we moved the wall to make room for the only tub that will fit in this space. We are extremely happy about this. I didn’t want a soap dish hanging out, so we had this nook put in that fits everything perfectly. We also brought up the shower head to 7 feet because of my amazon husband. My shower curtain has a removable inner liner that I can wash – which was EXTREMELY important to me. It also has a sheer portion on top so you can see through it, but since I had to get an extra tall version, I can’t reach it anyway. So it serves for someone to see in – lmao.


The original towel bar was behind the door – which always makes me think of apartments – so I got a new one to fill in this open space above my hamper and scale.

I know what you’re thinking. Are there two doors to the bathroom? Yes, there are. The previous owners extended the house in the back and found this to be the only solution to gain access. We are eventually closing out the sliding door in the back next to the toilet since that will be our master suite.

Next update will be of the living and dining room – fingers crossed in the next month!

Sincerely, Tania