the first commute.

First day commuting from the new house, and I was greeted by stomach knots. I know the bus stop location. I know the route. I know the departure and arrival times. I just hate trying new commutes. There is really no reason for it. I hate it so much, I always over prepare.

This morning was no different.

I don’t know why I hate new commutes so much. I know how to pay easily. I know where I’m going. More importantly, I love change! My whole life is about getting to a place where I’m comfortable and then changing it all up because I want a challenge.

I walked with Chris and Layla to my bus stop – only to realize it was the wrong stop. Thankfully, we caught it in time – and the right one was literally across the street. It was a breezy four minute downhill walk to the bus stop overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Every morning, I walk alongside mountains and water. The only way that walk could be any better is if someone carried me from my home to the bus.

It turns out, my bus is a temperature-controlled, cushion-seated bus with free Wi-Fi. I sit in disbelief for 20 minutes before realizing the opportunity I am gifted every morning – 50 minutes to meditate and prepare myself for the day ahead.

After months of stressing over finding a home, winning a home, paying for a home, preparing for the move and actually moving, this is exactly what I needed. I sit and remember how lucky I am to be here – how lucky I am to be able to buy a home in my dream area – how lucky I am to find a fulfilling job with great coworkers (and boss!) – and how lucky I am to find a very supportive husband. It brings me back to a moment of gratitude and living in the present.

I hope every morning starts this way.

Sincerely, Tania