I grew up a very quiet child. I don’t share my feelings or talk out my problems. As a classic introvert, I like to scrutinize my issues in my own head. When I come to a conclusion, I will then feel the need to share. Us introverts like to write. It is the main avenue for us to get our thoughts out. As a result, I grew up with journals, diaries and when the fad came, blogging. I dabbled in many blogs prior to this. I started one that slowly turned into a place for me to get all my complaints out. I started one that showcased my second love, photography. I started one to talk about minimalism and healthy habits. They all died out – because after a while, my blog sounded like every other blog that talks about the best products, the reasons why a certain fad is the best fad, an outlet to show how great I can style things, etc. I felt inauthentic.  

Then I moved to San Francisco.

I lost time to blog. My life went from all the free time to very little. I stopped getting quiet moments to think on the drive to work because I now commute on the train. Nights came faster because my tiny kitchen meant I have to clean up after myself more often. Weekends went from hiding in AC watching movies to being outside every chance we get. Before I knew it, a year has passed. While I know I lived and thoroughly enjoyed being here during this time, it has been a blur. So I started this blog to chronicle my thoughts and adventures in life.

My life is not particularly interesting - there are many other immigrants from third world countries with so-so childhoods that went against the odds and achieved their life goals - but it is real. This tiny space is for me to remember my life, and all that I have gone through. It is not here to impress or offend anyone. This is just my diary. Sometimes I will gush about my happiness. Sometimes I will complain. Sometimes I will talk in circles because I can’t come to a conclusion. Sometimes I like to go inside my head into a certain moment from my past and write out how I felt at the time. At the end of the day, this is just an honest journaling of my everyday life.